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Who Hit the Down Button
Lessons Learned on the Farm (see Reviews)  

A King-Size Bed, A Silk Tree, and a Fry Pan     

Moved Out of Our Comfort Zone (2007)         

Simple Ways to Share Your Faith (2006)          

I Pray for You on Wednesday (2004)                

Good Morning . . . Let the Stress Begin (2003, 2005, 2006)  

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Who's in Control?     We Are Survivors

Special People: Caregivers     Fatigue: the Life Robber

Less Stress  =  More Energy     The Glass is Half Full

Walking: The Magical Attraction     Shopping While Sitting


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Believing that the wisdom acquired in a lifetime is as much a part of a family’s legacy as are all of its material possessions, Phyllis Dolislager uses stories from her family's lives to illustrate what's truly important to her and her husband. Following the Judeo-Christian tradition of an Ethical Will or a Last Will and Testament, she put together this spiritual document, her Testament, for her family. Stories of trusting God, helping others, as well as struggles faced, make this book meaningful not only to her family but to all who read it.

Simple Ways to Share Your Faith
provides the reader with 101 examples of various ways to “Point People to Jesus.” In addition to the author’s experiences, twenty-five contributors from across the U.S. and Australia share real-life stories. Chapter Titles include Conversation Starters, Tips for Shy People, Seasonal Suggestions, Extreme Methods, Teaching Our Children, and others. This book takes the fear out of sharing your faith and replaces it with practical suggestions. 

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Do you want to pay tribute to someone who is celebrating a special birthday or anniversary? This book by Phyllis Porter Dolislager shows you how. Not only does it give you a simple guide, but it also provides a sample book with expanded topics and photos. 

This book is short, simple and easy to follow. It covers the subject matter that you’ll want to include in your book. The reader can follow the suggestions or use them to develop his/her own ideas. Either way, it’s a win-win situation. 

Suggested topics of focus are explained and illustrated
in the sample book:

* The Main Event   * Fun Facts   * How It All Began 
                        * Education   * Residences   
             * Churches and Organizations    * Jobs   
                             * Adventures   * Family 
                   * Travels   * Unique Experiences 

This is a how-to book, full of ideas: new ways to approach prayer and Bible reading, spiritual journaling, and affirmations. Examples will be shared of what’s worked for the author—to move her out of her comfort zone. She praises God for “moving” her, and 30 others, to share these ways to energize your God-time.

In an effort to showcase various subjects/topics that are appropriate for POD (Print on Demand) Publishing, I’ve put this book together. You’ll find personal essays, poetry, excerpts from a personal memoir and a family memoir, a little humor, and a story Ron and I wrote for our grandchildren.


It is my hope that you’ll find some inspiration to do your own POD Publishing. Click on the Instant Publisher link on this website. You’ll be on your way to an adventure.


Fulfill a dream. Amaze your family. Pass on your heritage. Share your thoughts. Be a published author. It can all become a reality.