By Phyllis
                                  By Phyllis

Good Morning Let the Stress Begin

Good Morning Let the Stress Begin

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1. Super Woman or Super Man Syndrome

“Be all that you can be,” says the Army, and every other job or situation that we encounter.


2.  Accessibility

We’re never alone. We carry our phones with us all the time, and e-mail lets us work any time, anywhere, 24/7.


3.  Busy Calendars

We wanted to have friends to dinner on a Friday night and had to schedule them five weeks out for our calendars to coincide.


4.  Analysis Overload1

Cereal—there are over 100 choices

Soap—249 kinds

Toothpaste—250 kinds


5.  Consumer Orgy

How many TV’s do you have in your home?

Do you have more than ten pair of shoes in your closet?

Duplicate tools in your garage?


6.  Hurry Syndrome

Today we use our DVR to automatically fast-forward over commercials. (This way we can watch a 30-minute program in 22 minutes!)


7.  Living away from family

Having to travel long distances to see family and not seeing them often is stressful.


8.  Traffic

We’d never even heard of road rage ten years ago. Now they plant trees and flowers to calm us down.


9.  Facing our own mortality

Realizing we’re going to die some day and then what?


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