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                                  By Phyllis

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Lessons Learned on the Farm

What a delight it was to be reminded of everyday life in the 50’s and 60’s in a farming community. Maybe it DOESN’T require a “village” to raise a child . . . a township seems to have done the job just fine in the case of the Porter children. The contributions of extended family, neighbors, churches, teachers, doctors and friends were shown to be the treasures that they truly are in this down-to-earth memoir. I wish the children of today could experience the life of hard work, self-esteem, generosity, faith, respect and love that I read on these pages.

A Reader


 I enjoyed reading your book very much. I grew up in a farming community, but I never understood what farming was really like. Through your use of simple anecdotes, I became a part of your family—sharing in the joys, challenges, and the crises that come your way. I never had really appreciated the sacrifices and rewards of farming until I read this book. It was both nostalgic and educational.

I, of course, could most identify with your chapter on our church. That was a nice tribute you gave Dad. They were great years.

Paul Adams



Your book tells what “family farm” will always mean to me.  The work of all the members of the family, the integration of the family into the community, and the bonds with neighbors and extended family is the heart and soul of the good life we were able to experience growing up in this setting. I'm so glad to have shared the life depicted in your book. I'm delighted that you've been able to share this with so many.

Ann Pratt Scott