By Phyllis
                                  By Phyllis

Our SECOND MOVE TO Tennessee


One God-encounter can radically change the direction of your life forever.

Robin Betram

No Regrets


People ask us how we escaped Hurricane Irma, and we can only respond that it was God’s timing/a God-thing . . . something that we hadn’t planned or anticipated.


July 17, 2017 ~ A new friend, Bonnie Hodges Leech, was looking at two condos in our community of Pointe Overlook in Lantana, FL. It happened that I knew both potential sellers, and so I accompanied her. Bonnie had looked at four or five other units, and as we went through those two, it became apparent to me what she was looking for.


That evening our son Fred called from TN saying that he had found a place for us in TN. He was going to go look at it that week-end. This was a completely new idea for us.


Then during dinner, I said to Ron, “Bonnie wants to buy a condo just like ours. What do you think? Is it time for us to sell?”


He said, “Yes.”


I sent Bonnie this text message at 7:14 pm:


Buy our condo? We’ve always known that we’d end up in TN sometime, and we just spoke with our son. He told us of some options. So, we’re wondering if you would be interested.


Bonnie replied:

What? You might move? My head is spinning! Yes, of course I would love to have a chance to own your beautiful home. I am still in shock though.


So are we. Feel free to call and/or come over tonight or tomorrow. You are the only one who we’re telling at this time.


What time will you be up, lol!!! Tomorrow morning would be great. Just name the time.


We’ll be done with breakfast at 8:30.


I’ll be there at 8:31, promptly.


If this works, it truly will be a God-thing!


Amazing occurrences have taken place this month and just this past week-end especially. No pressure and no expectations on my part. I hope I can sleep <3.


July 18 ~ Bonnie came over, and we gave her the complete tour of our condo. She wanted to buy it. We agreed on a price. Next question: how do we handle the buy/sell paperwork.


Bonnie’s friend gave her the blank buy/sell forms, and Ron filled them out. Then he had our realtor friend in TN, Ina Painter, review them. He contacted the title company where we had originally closed on the condo eight years earlier.


July 20 ~ At the Title Company the paperwork was signed and earnest money deposited.


July 22 ~ We left for TN to hopefully find a condo near Fred and Sue.


July 24 ~ We looked at condos with our realtor and daughter-in-law, Sue. About noon we decided to return to the first one, asked Fred to join us, and we all thought that was THE one. Went to Aubry’s for lunch, joined by granddaughter Carolina, wrote out a proposal. It was accepted an hour later.


July 25 ~ Sister, Darcia Kelley came from Michigan to help us in our house hunt. As we’d already bought one the day before, we enjoyed our time together with everyone playing Wizard and going ziplining in the Smokies. (Darcia returned the first week-end in September, joining Fred and Sue as they helped us unpack and get settled.)


July 28 ~ We left to return to Florida.


August 27 ~ Fred flew into Ft. Lauderdale to drive our loaded U-Haul to TN.


August 28 ~ We closed on our FL condo at 10 AM in FL. Immediately after that we left for TN.


August 29 ~ We had a walk-thru at our new condo in TN at 3pm.


August 30 ~ We closed in TN at 4 pm.


August 31 ~ Hurricane Irma was getting everyone’s attention. People asked us how we’d escaped Hurricane Irma. We could only respond that it was God’s timing . . . something that we hadn’t planned or anticipated.


Hurricane Irma—one for the record books


Hurricane Irma, was upgraded to a Category 3 storm and likely to become a high-end Category 4 or 5. Irma was forecast to begin affecting the Leeward Islands on Tuesday, with Puerto Rico, the Bahamas, and possibly the mainland U.S.1


~    ~    ~

If Irma had made her appearance three days earlier, we wouldn’t have been able to complete our closing in Florida. FL banks have this ruling that they won’t wire/transfer money when there’s a named storm at sea!


We know this to be a fact, as it happened to us when we were selling our house in Boynton Beach, and Hurricane Wilma made her appearance. Even though all the paperwork was completed and had been signed, we didn’t get our money for over two weeks.

~    ~    ~


Today ~ We still respond that it was God’s timing—truly a God-thing—something that we hadn’t planned or anticipated.


~    ~    ~


“There are times in life when the very best thing we can do is to ‘sit still’ . . . and let the Redeemer redeem. God doesn’t need my help to redeem my situation.”

--Jack Hayford

A New Time & Place


John 15:5: Without Me you can do nothing.







1Irma was classified as a Category 5 hurricane for three consecutive days, longer than any other Atlantic hurricane. Karen Clark and Co., a Boston-based firm that analyzes risk, estimated total losses, including the Caribbean, at $25 billion. Florida accounts for most of the $18 billion in the U.S., followed by Georgia, South Carolina and Alabama. The estimate covers damage to buildings and their contents, other insured structures, and vehicles and the disruption to business. It does not include crop losses or losses covered by the nation’s flood insurance program, Clark said.