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                                  By Phyllis

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Writing Workshops by Phyllis Porter Dolislager

Writing A Personal and/or Family Memoir
A nuts and bolts approach to writing memoirs. This workshop covers reasons for writing your life and/or your family’s story, how to gather materials, how to organize them, how to preserve/present them, and how to publish them. The instructor will draw on the experience of writing her family memoir: Lessons Learned on the Farm, published in 2002 and her personal memoir: A King-Size Bed, A Silk Tree, & A Fry Pan, published in 2003.

Successful Grant Proposal Writing
The presenter has brought in 3+million dollars for non-profit organizations. A list of information that you’ll need to gather about your organization is given, a sample grant proposal, how to find possible places to apply for funding, how to approach a foundation, and how to follow-up if you’re funded and/or if you’re not funded.

Take Publishing into Your Own Hands/Online Publishing and You
The pros and cons of using Internet publishers and POD (Print on Demand) will be discussed. How does it differ from traditional publishing? What kind of publications lend themselves to Internet publishing? What should a writer ask/research before publishing his/her manuscript using this method? The presenter has experience with three different publishers.

The Missing Part of Your Will: Your Testament or How to Write an Ethical Will
Your last will and testament/ethical will can be a spiritual document. We write them from the belief that the wisdom acquired/lessons learned in a lifetime should be a part of our family’s legacy, not just our material possessions. Covered will be why write, various forms to use, what to include, and when to present it.

Phyllis Dolislager presents an outstanding workshop. She uses stories from her own writing, hand-outs, and writing exercises, all designed to get participants started writing. Her pleasant demeanor puts her audiences at ease and gets them involved in the process.
Jean E. Holmes, Past President
The National League of American Pen Women

Presenter Bio
Phyllis Porter Dolislager has a B.A. in Speech and a M.A. in Curriculum and Instruction. Most recently she has served as adjunct writing instructor at Nova Southeastern University. She is an active member of the Boca Raton Branch of the National League of American Pen Women. Phyllis is an inspirational speaker (three years for Christian Women’s Club) and works out of her home as a writing consultant helping authors with their manuscripts, doing her own projects, and writing grant proposals for non-profit organizations. She has authored ten books and brought in over $3 million for non-profit organizations.

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Phyllis Dolislager will tell you how she started in January 2000 writing her memoir for her family as a Christmas gift. Twelve months later, she gave them A King-size Bed, A Silk Tree and a Fry Pan. Then her Michigan family wanted their stories about growing up on a farm recorded, and Lessons Learned on the Farm became a family memoir.

Enjoy a “How to do it” workshop with ideas about how to begin.

Telling Our Stories/Writing Our Memoirs
How to Begin: Two pages of suggestions
Why Do We Write?
What Will It Look Like?
Unexpected Benefits
Frequently Asked Questions
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